In the Heart of Bornheim

The kinderladen “Wilde Kerle” (Wild Things) is located amidst Frankfurt’s district Bornheim, close to the metro, bus and tram stop “Bornheim Mitte”, which provides convenient accessibility for parents.









The Board of Trustees

We are part of the BVZ GmbH. Detailed information is available at the kinderladen. Just give us a call or come see us!

The Premises

The kinderladen’s premises allow plenty of possibilities for children to play, frolic around and rest. The common room is the central gathering place which children use to paint, do handicrafts and play.

Furthermore, there is a cuddle and fairytale room, a work room and a courtyard with a sand box. The so-called mattress room, in which mattresses are laid out for children to jump and romp around without hurting themselves, is also very important.

Our kinderladen is a so-called “Bezugspersonen-Projekt”, which means it has been initiated by professional educators who function as mentors for the children. The educators frame the children’s daily routines independently. That is the only way to guarantee continuity in the development of the children. At the same time the educators have an open ear for the suggestions of the parents.








The Team

The educators of our kinderladen are a well-honed team. In order to get a full impression of every single child’s development, they hold weekly team meetings to exchange experiences and to prepare upcoming events, projects, birthdays and other celebrations. The educators take a situational approach to education.  This allows for spontaneity in every situation.