Annually Recurring Events

The Overnight Class Excursion

The highlight of the kinderladen-year is the annual class excursion in May/June. Accompanied by the educators the children spend three days on a farm outside of Frankfurt. For most children this is the longest separation from their parents thus far. Therefore, they are extensively prepared for their trip, among other things by a trial overnight stay at the kinderladen.




The Lantern Procession

In the advent of St. Martin’s Day the children diligently craft their own lanterns. Together with the parents, we organize a lantern procession of our own. This is always a big event for the kids.










What would carnival be without costumes? During this crazy time of the year the little ones can let their imagination run free and get dressed up however they want to.










At the end of the year we celebrate Christmas at the kinderladen together with the children, the educators, parents and siblings.