From, Infant to "Wild Thing"


Settling in

During the first days the parents are present at the kinderladen, but are asked to take a backseat. The children get to know the educators, the other children, the rooms and the play facilities at their own pace. Slowly, the little ones start letting go of their parents and learn how to handle the daily routines as “Wild Things” in the group without them.


Our kinderladen offers a safe atmosphere for the children to get to know each other in a natural and easy way. Because the children are offered a stable, secure and trusting enviroment, this faciliates a greater willingness or openness for engaging with others who may act differently or unfamiliarly.  The educators provide guidance to the children in order to help them engage with these other perspectives.

Intercultural Education

The kinderladen somewhat reflects Frankfurt’s intercultural society. This reality of encountering different cultures, beliefs and lifestyles offers simultaneously a chance to learn as well as conflict potential. That is why we endeavor to shape these encounters between the cultures into a pleasant experience of togetherness. This requires a lot of patience and open-mindedness. The kinderladen is an important platform on which both children and their parents have the opportunity to get to know the everyday lives of people who live differently.

This diversity is certainly challenging but also offers many opportunities and inspirations for the educational work. The mediation between people of different cultural backgrounds requires a constant effort to understand people and be accepted as mediators by them. The educators set the example of how people can accept each other despite all differences. The children learn that people of different origins dress differently, look different or speak a different language we may not understand. It is important to us that every single child is perceived as an individual and respected as such. Through the unbiased approach of the educators, the children learn to discover other cultures and countries through other people.

In order to meet this challenge our team is made up of employees from different origins. Hence children with migration background experience linguistic and cultural security while at the same time becoming familiar with the German language and culture.

A strong Group

The 20-headed mixed-aged children's group is made up evenly of boys and girls. This is important for a strong children's group. The group has its very own dynamic, which results from the interaction of the children. Inside the group they have many possibilities of observing other children and participating in their experiences. The children can also study the reactions their behavior causes with other children. The educators closely monitor the group process and the development of each child and adapt pedagogically to any new developments.