...Certain Rules...

The children may be „Wild Things“, however they need to follow certain rules, which are explained in detail in the picture book titled “STOP”. This rulebook can be consulted at the kinderladen. The most important rule is the so-called “STOP rule”. If someone says “Stop!” it is meant seriously and the other children must immediately stop squeezing, beating, screaming or whatever they are doing that makes the other child feel harassed.






...Activity and Fresh Air

The “Wild Things” need an adequate amount of activity and fresh air. That is why they are offered as many trips as possible. The educators take them to the zoo, the adventure playground in the park, the library, the theatre, the fire department, the police station or the bakery.

...Sports and Music

A music teacher, who sings and makes music with the children, joins us once a week. Singing is also a part of the daily “Circle of Chairs”. At the facility children have access to a variety of musical instruments which they can play with or without instruction.

Once a week, the “Wild Things” go to the gymnasium. There they can live out their compulsion to move while at the same time their motor skills are improved through instructed exercises. If conditions allow it, the “Wild Things” go to the swimming pool every Thursday.

...Language Development

The development of an early identity is closely linked to the acquisition of language. The native language is a central element of attachment as well as social and cultural development for every child. Multilingualism is an enrichment for the whole group. With regard to the later school attendance, all children are supported in learning the German language.

We cultivate a language-stimulating and language-friendly atmosphere and emphasize all activities that entail speaking (such as reading out stories, singing songs, learning poetry, solving riddles, speaking during the daily “Circle of Chairs”, role-playing games, etc.).

Early sexual development is seized as a topic for the children and as such discussed and accompanied by the educators. The importance of a positively experienced early sexuality for the development of self-confident personalities is undisputed. To us, a natural treatment of early sexuality means a fearless treatment of one's own body, perceiving one’s own feelings and those of others, respecting the shame of other people, respecting one's own boundaries and those of others and gaining self-confidence with regard to one's own body.

Gender-specific Treatment of Boys and Girls

We particularly make sure to consider the different interests and needs of boys and girls. From the angle of a gender-conscious education, we make special educational offers, without neglecting the importance of the coeducational group.

The possibility of varying from traditional gender roles is anchored in our daily routines. Just like the traditional gender roles themselves, the colloquial usage of language considering gender equality is critically reflected.

Social Inequality

Our society is characterized by great social, material and cultural differences, which are reflected in the kinderladen. We deal with these differences openly and consciously, recognize disadvantages and compensate them within our means. We accept the special needs of children as a task and a challenge.

Children with and without Disabilities

We support the inclusive living and learning of children with and without disabilities. At the same time we strive for the common education, upbringing and care of children until they enter school. For the holistic development of the group, such children with disabilities and their required therapeutic care are included into the daily routines. At the same time, we keep an eye on the balance between the promotion of the individual development and the group processes.

HIV-affected Children

Our institution also accepts children who are carriers of HIV or Hepatitis B and C pathogens without having disease symptoms.

Cooperation with other Institutions

The kinderladen is usually the place where children make their first friendships. The kinderladen is a community of its own, which in its effect reaches far beyond the actual work. In order to facilitate the transition from the kinderladen to elementary school, regular contact between the neighbourhood-based institutions is important. In addition to the exchange between the professionals of the different institutions, the “Wild Things” get to visit their future schools in order to get familiar with their future environment. We also cooperate with the neighbouring day-care centres, nurseries and schools and we take part in planning forums and district-related meetings.