The Daily Routine

The course of the day is structured in such a way that all children, with their different needs, are satisfied and emotionally cared for. A certain regularity provides orientation. Nevertheless, they have the opportunity to pursue their individual interests and inclinations. The educators shape the framework in which the “Wild Things” experience continuity and rhythm.

Play Time Before Breakfast

During the play time before breakfast, the children can play with toys, read books, build brick castles and much more.



The “Wild Things” know exactly what the bell at 9:45 a.m. means: It’s breakfast time! All children gather around the large breakfast table. As a rule they smear their breads by themselves. The educators only help if the little ones request help.

The Circle of Chairs

At our kinderladen all children receive the emotional space they require to fulfill their needs, accept those needs and integrate them into their personality. Using the so-called “emotional clock”, they can express their current emotional condition. That is why the daily “circle of chairs” is so important. It takes place right after breakfast and is initiated by the bell. As the name suggests, everyone is sitting in a circle. The children decide what they are going to play, what materials they need and which playmates they choose. Thus, they can articulate their interests and learn a bit of self-direction as well.




Self-directed Play Time

Should children and educators decide to spend the morning at the kinderladen, the “self-directed play time” will be rung right after the daily “circle of chairs”. Children can choose between a variety of recreational occupations such as painting, cuddling or kneading, and activities such as exercise, guided fantasy journeys and role-plays. It‘s up to them.









At 1 o'clock p.m. the bell rings again. At last it’s lunch time! Everyone knows what this means! Every day one of the children, who has prepared food with its parents, is "the cook" (and sits on the special chair). In addition to the mere eating, lunch is seen as enjoyable cozy together time.










Recreation until Dessert

After a wild morning and a tasty lunch, even the Wildest Thing gets a bit tired. The time between lunch and dessert is therefore used for a little recovery. Children can play or paint quietly. They can also listen to a story read to them. The dessert usually consists of fresh fruit.






Afternoon Care

The kinderladen also provides child care during the afternoon. Those who want to can stay until 5 pm. The afternoon routines depend on how many children stay and what they have been up to earlier that day.




Tidying up

The children are playfully involved in the daily process of tidying up. They learn that all things have to be put away properly, so that they can be found again the next day. The children also learn that playing in a tidy room is much more fun.