Teamwork with the Parents

Based on the tradition of parenting initiatives and parent self-help, we appreciate parental participation. The teamwork of educational staff and parents is as important for the development of the individual child as it is for the group as such. Mutual cooperation and frequent exchange with the parents are fundamental for the best possible promotion of the children. At some points, of course, there may also be disagreement between parents and the educational staff or within the group of parents. At the kinderladen we are used to discussing such differences of opinion in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect. Joint activities such as celebrations, excursions and parent regular’s table are an integral part of our work.










Parent-Educator Meetings

Every child has its individual strengths and weaknesses. We confidentially talk to the parents about their children’s intimate problems in parent-educator meetings. That’s where we exchange experiences we had with the children. The first such meeting will be held at the family’s home so we can get a picture of the children’s environment.







Parents’ Evening

The parents' evenings give parents the opportunity to discuss with each other and sometimes - if need be - to argue. They take place about every six weeks. Parents are informed about the development and can ask questions. Parent evenings are also offered for particular themes.